Things you might find helpful on your therapeutic journey:

Wim Hof Guided Breathing for Beginners

Moderate caffeine intake. Coffee, tea and chocolate can be temporary sources of pleasure, comfort and energy. In the long term they overstimulate the flight or fight response, amplifying anxiety, disrupting sleep and chronically depleting energy levels. If you have to, consume before noon to reduce interference to sleep.

Sleep. Get at least seven to eight hours if you can. Aiming to be in bed by 10:30pm is highly recommended. If you need to and can nap during the day, listen to your body and do it. Avoiding the stimulants of screens, alcohol and caffeine will greatly improve sleep hygiene. It will be worth it!

Meditate. It’s free and as a regular practice, will be one of the most helpful resources you will ever come across. You only have to do a two to three minute practice starting out. Here is one you might like.

Connect with Mother Nature. Even a ten minute walk in the park can do wonders.

Moderate consumption of News, Social Media and Television. They are designed to be presented in as dramatic and stimulating a manner as possible. Heightening tension and amplifying fear. Just like caffeine, the fight or flight response is overworked. It was only ever meant to be activated on occasion, not constantly.

Enjoy more fruit, vegetables and whole foods. Let go of the processed stuff. This will take time as junk food has a comforting aspect and is designed to be addictive. The first step is to be aware of what and how you eat. This is where mindfulness and meditation can help.